GIWEH at the 7th General Assembly of the World Water Council - Marseille- France

As a member of the World Water Council (WWC), GIWEH participated in the 7th General Assembly, in Marseille, France, held on November 13th -14th, 2015.  GIWEH was represented by Dr. Dietrich Bartelt, a member of our Advisory Board, Dr. Nidal Salim, the General Director, and Mr. Adrian Oleszkiewicz, a member of our Steering Committee. The Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) also represented Switzerland at the Assembly. Currently, the vast majority of the Assembly is made up of Northern countries, so the SWP, SDC, and GIWEH continue to actively encourage stronger participation of Southern representatives in the Council.

The 7th General Assembly of the World Water Council elected the Board of Governors, which will serve for a three-year tenure (2016-2018). The Board of Governors is made up of 35 members representing the five Council colleges: intergovernmental institutions, governments and governmental authorities, enterprises and facilities, civil society and water user associations, and professional associations and academics. Benedito Braga was elected President for this term, to oversee the implementation of the approved strategy on water security, adaptation, and sustainability. The election took place during this triennial General Assembly, with participation from over 250 delegates from almost 40 countries.

WWC Board of Governors for 2016-2018

WWC 7th General Assembly

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