GIWEH attends the Inter-Parliamentary Union Roundtable Discussions on water for the Middle East Committee

Dr. Nidal Salim attended the Inter-parliamentary Union Discussions from May 31st to June 2nd, 2016, at the headquarters of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting was held between various Prime Ministers from all over the Middle East region and members of the IPU Committee, aiming to safeguard peace and drive positive democratic change through political dialogue and concrete action. The session focused primarily on finding solutions to the Middle East Water Crisis, which is only expected to worsen in the coming future. Parties formulated proposals to ensure water security in the Middle East, which will be presented at IPU’s October Assembly for review. Suggestions included raising public awareness on responsible consumption, enhancing wastewater treatment, and developing mandatory standards of water conservation. This session demonstrated the potential for all parties to work together for sustainable water use.

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