Dr. Tobias Schmitz
Dr. Tobias Schmitz obtained a PhD in Development Studies at Radboud University in the Netherlands, focusing on Integrated Water Resources Management and water scarcity in South Africa. He has worked as a university lecturer in Development Studies, as research manager at the Centre for Policy Studies in South Africa, team leader for policy development at an environmental NGO in Amsterdam (Both ENDS), and Director of the Operations Desk at WaterLex International Secretariat in Geneva.
He has worked on a training manual on a human rights based approach to Integrated Water Resources Management with UNDP Cap-Net, on a book on best practices in wastewater re-use, treatment and disposal for UNEP, and on a human rights based approach to indicators and monitoring for UN-GLAAS. He is a member of the Task Force for Monitoring and Evaluation of the African Ministerial Council on Water. He joined GIWEH in January 2016 as a Director of the Africa program. 
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