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Capacity Building is a process that aims to enhance human capacity to assess adaptative actions, manage risks, and apply scientific knowledge for sustainable solutions.

      “Do you think you have the ability to create positive changes in your society and worldwide?

Register for one of our capacity building training programs, which are designed for government officials, individuals within the corporate sector, researchers, scientists and students to gain firsthand experience and international exposure!



Internships, along with providing professional experience, provide participants with the opportunity to refine their professional skills and network with people from around the world. Internships can be gateways to future careers and can be an important tool for figuring out the next step in your future.

      “Have you ever wanted an internship in an international city, where you will be surrounded by once in a lifetime opportunities?

Here is your chance to take the next step toward obtaining an internship. Apply today to be considered for our next round of interns!




      “Do you have a project which falls under the framework of GIWEH?

Visit our research page to learn more about our areas of focus.

You can contact us or complete our online application, found on our research page, to tell us about your research topic. If selected, you will join us in Geneva, where you will gain practical experience and the necessary resources to conduct your research in a conducive environment.



      “Doesn’t it sound great to be a part of an international network and gain exposure to the UN and other international organizations?    

The Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health offers you an opportunity to join our international network of likeminded people. This would give you the chance to meet major stakeholders and participate in our General Assembly.




      “Are you committed to bringing positive changes to the world we are living in today? We can do it together.

The Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health always welcomes partners from around the world.  Please visit our partnerships page to see how GIWEH can partner with you in the future.




      “Sponsor a student in order to support future leaders who are committed to bringing positive worldwide change and sustainability!

If you wish to be a part of our campaign to empower young technicians  and students to explore the world and enhance their professional skills, then help us create international opportunities for them.

Sponsor a Student by donating money to help with their fees, travel expenses, and accommodations necessary for coming to Geneva and experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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