Water Map

Water Map is a set of interactive maps that are used to identify and highlight the water resources available in the Canton of Geneva.
These maps will be the result of citizens’ initiatives. Any citizen can collect data through a participative approach that fosters the involvement and awareness of the general public.
The project targets young students in the Canton of Geneva and provides them with the tools to understand the water cycle and its role in stabilizing our ecosystems.

Water Map aims to :

  • Raise Awareness on water wastage and pollution in order to better protect and manage our water resources. It aims to share solutions for efficient water use with the community and at the local level. Water wastage has a devastating impact accross the world and saving the resource is a necessity.
  • Involve the youth in the conservation of our water resources and ecosystems at the local level. Adopt an inclusive approach to enable the young generation to relate to these issues, act upon them and foster positive change for improved conservation of the water resources and ecosystems.
  • Encourage the youth and all others to act as actors for change and to adopt a respectful attitude and behavior towards water resources and ecosystems.


  • To promote the concept of good practices in order to encourage the youth to be more environmentally responsible and to advocate for sustainable development ;
  • To support participants in spreading and applying knowledge gained during these activities and seminars within their network and family and encourage them to raise awareness among their communities ;
  • To highlight the role of each actor in contributing to water treatment to promote the good understanding and respect of the environment and ecosystems among the youth

Activities and workshops :

  • Through mapping, Water Map identifies the water resources available in a given area (Rivers, Sources, Lacs, Puddles). The map will use icons that are easy to read in every language
  • Field trips on the themes of water will be organized with different partners (for exemple : visit of dams, water treatments, glaciers…)

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