GIWEH has been a member of OECD Water Governance Initiative since its inception in March 2013. This network consists of 120+ delegates who gather twice a year and are committed to integrating OECD’s 12 Principles on Water Governance into their activities. The Principles of Water Governance provide a framework to understand whether water governance systems are performing optimally and to help adjust them where necessary. The member organizations were also involved in the establishment of the indicators and are continuously consulted as indicators are developed.  GIWEH became a signatory to the 12 Principles of Water Governance during the 7th World Water Forum.

GIWEH holds an important role within the OECD, supporting the voice of civil society. We work as a facilitator and link to transfer knowledge identified through the OECD Water Governance Initiative to areas in need of information and integration techniques. We use the OECD platform to enhance research and capacity building efforts, and likewise transfer the vision of civil society to other partners in the OECD. GIWEH is a part of the Stakeholder Engagement Committee and a member of the ‘Indicators’ and ‘Best Practices’ working groups. Through the OECD, GIWEH learns from experiences shared by other members, from which best practices are identified.

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