GIWEH Water Award 2013
Dr. Senthil KUMAR, National College India, Dr. Khalid QAHMAN, State of Palestine & Dr. Nidal SALIM, Director of GIWEH

Title: “Water, Food, Energy Security, and Climate Change”

Where: 2nd International Conference on Water Resources and Environmental Management (ICWRE-2013) at the International Center for Conferences (CICG), Geneva, Switzerland

When: April 9-11, 2013


Dr. Khalid Qahman (Palestinian Territory), Ministry of Environmental Affairs for Palestine, for “Salinity of drinking water and its association with Renal Failure in Gaza Strip Palestine”
Dr. Senthil Kumar Sadasivam (India), National College, Post Graduate and Research Department of Biotechnology, for “Biological Treatment of textile Effluent and its reuse in Irrigation: Encouraging Water Efficiency and Sustainable Development”


Dr. Khalid Qahman: The overall aim of his study was to determine the salinity of drinking water and its association with renal failure in the southern part of Gaza Strip. Additionally, he explored the relationship between renal failure and socio-economic variables. The study found no association between renal failure prevalence and chloride, sodium, TDS, or nitrate levels, and showed a strong association with fluoride level. Hence, he identified an urgent need to modify the mixing process according to fluoride level, and initiate public information and awareness programs.

Dr. Senthil Kumar: He focused his research on the biological treatment of textile effluent and its reuse in irrigation. Dr. Kumar found various eco-friendly solutions to treat textile effluent using bacteria, thus encouraging water efficiency and sustainable development. His work will help the textile industry to comply with standards set by the Pollution Control Board. 

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