GIWEH conducted two programmes related to Green Growth: the Review of the Republic of Korea’s National Strategy for Green Growth in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as well as GIWEH’s second Water Series symposiums “Green Growth and Water: Learning and Leading”.


  • The Green Growth program focused on the reformation of the Republic of Korea’s economic policy to incorporate green initiatives. It falls under the United Nations Environment Program’s (UNEP) Green Economy Initiative. In response to the economic recession, the Republic of Korea launched a stimulus package and directed 80 percent of the funds to green programs (such as energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy, and low-carbon transportation). The Republic of Korea’s National Strategy for Green Growth was implemented over a Five-Year Plan (2009-2013), aiming to transform Korean development in a sustainable manner.

Part of the Green Growth program addresses Korea’s freshwater scarcity issues. As climate change is projected to significantly increase flooding and drought across Korea, US$17.3 billion was invested in the Four Rivers Restoration Project to secure freshwater resources, prepare for flooding, and protect the river-basin ecosystems.
GIWEH acted as a consultant within the Green Growth program, and awarded the Republic of Korea GIWEH’s 2010 Water Award for the achievements in green development. From this program, GIWEH continued to work with Korea on the Four Rivers Restoration Project, which was GIWEH’s main focus in 2011.

The official report of the Green Growth program can be found here.


  • GIWEH’s second Water Series symposiums: “Green Growth and Water: Learning and Leading”, was held at the United Nations Office of Geneva (UNOG) and had for objective to: “identify innovative strategies to make the concept of Green Growth clearer to policy-makers and public, in relation to water, so that it is better aligned to solve the environmental problems of today and beyond”.  In partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UNEP, IMB, World Wild Life (WWF), the event brought experts together to identify ways to promote and enhance the Green Growth vision.

The official program of this symposium can be found here

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