Water for Peace was a research study program dedicated to the prevention and resolution of water conflicts, focusing on Israel and the Palestinian Territory. It analyzed previous studies and reflections that focused on the inequitable distribution of water on the basis of current trends in consumption and resource analysis. GIWEH’s Water for Peace program found that Integrated Water Resources Management could be a good approach to solve the dispute. It also served as an example for the International Conference of UNESCO in November 2008 in Paris.

This study analyzed the water needs of Israel and the Palestinian Territory, taking into account basic domestic needs and the needs for social and economic development. It formed an analysis based on the reality of water distribution between the Palestinian Territory and Israel, in order to allow the coverage of basic human needs of both parties. The Water for Peace program examined external research studies and proposals on how to best exploit scarce water resources available in both locations. For the first time, Palestinian and Israeli experts worked together on a study of water needs. The Water for Peace program was especially noteworthy, as it facilitated the process of cooperation by anticipating tension and mitigating it through technical and institutional solutions.

This initiative was highlighted at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in November of 2008 in Paris.

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