Water technology is an important issue to safeguard human needs in today’s world. It is also growing in the market as it is creating new opportunities. It can be define as:

Process for enhancing the quality of water to meet the water quality criteria for its intended sustainable use.

To achieve post 2015 goals many countries are committed to improving water supply schemes and clean water technology, strengthening community participation, establishing and monitoring water quality standards, and preparing watershed management plans so that a large number of people will have access to safe drinking water.

GIWEH promotes research in this area to discover ways to get clean water. Innovative approaches to understand the interactions between pollutants, water and solids are crucial for assessment of contaminants with biochemical and analytical methods, for the development of new efficient technologies and for application of treatment methods with little or no waste and by-product formation.

Water Drops from Stainless Steel Faucet

Topics for research:

  • Integrated water quality management,
  • Diagnosis of water bodies,
  • Therapy of aquatic systems, and fitness for aquatic systems
  • Interactions of solids with water,
  • The role of environmental colloids,
  • The development of modern biochemical methods for diagnosis,
  • The impact of chemical speciation on bioavailability and water technology,
  • The development of advanced methods in water treatment technology.
  • Sustainability assessment for new and existing technologies
  • Resource recovery from waste streams
  • Urban and storm water management
  • Management strategies for agricultural wastewaters and associated nonpoint source pollution
  • Water infrastructure and distribution systems
  • Decentralised treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Global sanitation
  • Climate change insofar as it relates to challenges that extreme events pose to resource management and infrastructure.

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