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Water, Food and energy are interlinked and essential for Human well-being and sustainable development. The Nexus approach is a cross-cultural and dynamic perspective that help us to analyze the impact of one resource on others.

The water-food-energy Nexus describes the complex and inter-related nature of our global resources.

GIWEH has worked on a number of research projects under this theme. Reports can be found here: http://giweh.ch/page.aspx?s=1&l=1&pg=19&md=downloadlibrary

Suggested topics for Research:

  • Humanity needs to feed more people with less water
  • Role of different stakeholders i.e. businesses, organizations and international community to find solution to tackle with these challenges
  • Availability of Fresh Water for Agriculture
  • Water, food and energy security are crucial for sustainable long - term economic growth
  • How the nexus is integrated in to national planning;
  • Regional and local perspectives on the nexus;
  • Addressing the nexus in economic, finance and development policies;
  • The role of the nexus in the Post - 2015 development agenda.


Examples of GIWEH’s research and how it influences our work are found below:

Thematic Reports

• Report on Biofuels in Brazil and in Africa
• Reports on Energy Recovery from Wastewater
• Managing the Water-Food Nexus: the Importance of the Integration of Different Forms of Knowledge and Expertise

Joint Publications
• Desalination Technologies and the Use of Alternative Energies for Desalination
• Review of the Republic of Korea’s National Strategy for Green Growth

• GIWEH’s Water Award 2010
• GIWEH’s Water Award 2012
• Water-Food-Energy Nexus Project
• 2nd ICWRE Conference: “Water, Food, Energy Security and Climate Change”
• GIWEH’s Water Award 2013


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