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Being responsible global citizens it is our responsibility to safeguard freshwater for ourselves and for others. In order to achieve water sustainability is planning and management of water resources is essential. According to World Wildlife Fund Stewardship goes beyond being an efficient water user. It is about the private sector collaborating with governments, other businesses, NGOs, communities, and others to protect shared freshwater resources.

GIWEH is committed to Post-2015 agenda for sustainable and secure water resources and intend to collaborate with professionals, human rights experts and organizations and with different countries to tackle this issue of access of clean water for all.

Water issues possess greatest risk for world economy if not properly managed and GIWEH is not only collaborating with international organizations but also has been working in agriculture commodities and farmers to make them aware of this issue of use and access of fresh water. We are organizing trainings in different countries and shall be accepting research proposals under this theme from professionals and students to work together for water stewardship.

Suggested topics for research:

  • Supporting Water Resource Stewardship “Case Studies”
  • Water Stewardship residential, commercial, agriculture and recreational use?
  • Sustainable plans/solutions for water stewardship?
  • The importance of partnerships and collaborations to achieve the vision and goals a water sustainability and water stewardship.

Examples of GIWEH’s research and how it influences our work are found below:

Thematic Reports
• Tapping into Social Entrepreneurship to Alleviate Global Water Scarcity

• Sustainable Water Use and Management: Leadership for Positive Change
• Women and Youth Empowerment Program

Capacity Building & Trainings
• Water: One Source, Different Perspectives 


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