GIWEH at the Budapest Water Summit

The GIWEH team was featured strongly at the 2016 Budapest Water Summit, with board and staff members attending this important diplomatic event. GIWEH would like to congratulate the organisers of the Budapest Summit for a well organised Summit and an important outcome document.
On the third day of the Summit, GIWEH organised a side event on the indicators for targets 6.5, 6.6 and 6b of the Sustainable Development Goals. Under the supervision of Dr. Tobias Schmitz and Dr. Nilda Salim, GIWEH is developing GIS and IT based systems to support national governments in the collection, collation and analysis of water data relevant for reporting on national, regional and global water goals. Three papers were presented on the indicators for monitoring which need to be processed in these tools. These ideas were commented on by Alice Bouman Dentener, vice chair of the Global Water Partnership, and Dr. Zaki Shubber, lecturer in water law at UNESCO IHE.  We invite all interested colleagues to download our papers and comment on them as they develop.  

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