Natural Alternative to Antibiotics

On November 30th, Dr. Dietrich Bartlet was invited by the European Parliament to participate in a session on the theme: “Natural Alternative to Antibiotics”.
This session introduced the issue of resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotic pollution come from different sources including intensive livestock farming, spreading manure on crop land, using sewage as fertiliser and most importantly from waste water released from hospitals and antibiotic production plants. Where the concentration of antibiotics is enough to inhibit bacterial growth, it can result in the appearance of antibiotic-resistant strains. The development of multi-resistance to antibiotics represents a d anger for people and animal as well as a global threat that must be urgently addressed. Both the World Health Organization  and the US Centers for Disease Control have identified antibiotic resistance as a high priority for research. Resistance to antibiotics can be prevented by using antibiotics wisely, by not dumping unused antibiotics in drains or toilets, and by improving water treatment.

The founder of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene and founder of FLAVOREX WeCare BV, Prof. Peter Schür and Dr. Dietrich Bartelt explained the background and effects of a unique product based on decades of research. This efficient and effective product is based on plant extracts and help to solve the pressing problems of agriculture in the production of meat and grains, prevent the formation of antibiotic resistant organisms, and reduce enormous amounts of greenhouse gases.
Participants to this session included members of the parliament from the Netherland and Germany for the department of Environment, Health and Agriculture.

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