GIWEH and Graduate Institute visit to Al-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine

On March 2, 2014, Dr. Maher Al-Natsheh, President of the Najah National University, met with a Swiss academic delegation, which included Dr. Nidal Salim, Executive Director of the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health in Switzerland, and Dr. Alexander Dormeier Freire, Senior lecturer at the Graduate Institute and Senior of Global Studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Their meeting was planned in order to discuss the prospects of joint cooperation between Al-Najah National University and the University of Geneva.

Dr. Al-Natsheh welcomed the guest delegation and thanked them for their visit to the university and expressed his wishes to build academic relationships shared with the University of Geneva. He also gave a glimpse of the university in terms of the origins and development of the academic programs offered by the programs, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, and described the university facilities and its locations in Nablus and Tulkarem.

The delegation discussed with Dr. Al-Natsheh the possibility of academic cooperation, research and exchange of visits of teachers and students between the two universities.

In turn, the delegation thanked Dr. Al-Natsheh on the reception and having been impressed with what they heard from the university concerning its development and progression. He welcomed the idea of ??holding future meetings between the universities to the possibility of cooperation in the areas related to water and the environment in addition to the academic exchange between the two parties.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Munketh Ashteyah, from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and Mr. Khalid Mofleh, Executive Director of the Public Relations Department at the University.

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