GIWEH’s contribution to the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Georgia

From February 28th to March 6th, Dr. Nidal Salim was in Tbilisi, Georgia, invited by the ISET Policy Institute  as an International Expert to contribute to the development of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) for water resources management in Georgia and funded by USaid.

According to USaid  a Regulatory Impact Assessmen RIA) is a systematic process to making policy and regulation that assists governments in designing evidence based, innovative, precise and targeted regulation that achieves legitimate policy aims with the minimum burden on those affected.

During this 4 days workshop, Dr. Nidal Salim contributed to the model preparation of the RIA for water resources and will act as a consultant to support the structure, implementation plan, objectives’ definition, tools and cost/benefit analysis.  To carry this project, the International School of Economics at TSU has put together a team of local experts to work in collaboration with other international experts.

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