2nd Stakeholders consultation meeting of the 8th WWF in Brazil!

From the 26-27 April 2017, GIWEH was at the 2nd Stakeholders consultation meeting and the Citizen Process meeting for the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil!
During the consultation meeting, GIWEH was involved in the thematic process consultation of the different themes, yet dedicating a greater focus on “Climate, Development, and Ecosystem“. It emphasized the importance of strengthening the capacity within governance.
GIWEH has its focus especially on climate and is therefore also involved in the 'Topic D' of the WWF8 (Climate science and water management, communication between science and decision/policy-making).
During the meeting, GIWEH strongly represented its vision in the group works. The discussions focused, among other objectives, on how to bridge the gap between science and policy to make science reach policy.
As a member of the International Citizen Committee, GIWEH is also part of the Citizen Process. The Citizen Process incorporates NGOs and CSOs, which are representing the viewpoints of the most vulnerable people worldwide. One of the main goals is to support and strengthen the strategic cooperation between NGO's, academia, private sector and the governments to fill any policy gaps. GIWEH is encouraging civil society empowerment and their involvement in water management at the watershed level. GIWEH restlessly stresses the need to guarantee access to water in conflict areas and to move from relief work to sustainable development.

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