GIWEH at Stockholm Water Week 2017

GIWEH, represented by its staff members, was involved within a very busy agenda during Stockholm World Water Week 2017, held from August 28th to September 2nd. GIWEH used the opportunity of its place in the Brazil Booth and within the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) to strengthen existing connections and to expand its network. Throughout the week, GIWEH focused on supporting and promoting the World Water Forum 8 (WWF8), networked with a wide range of organizations, and joined the different events of the World Water Council and the Secretariat of the World Water Forum 8.
GIWEH is a committee member of the Citizen Forum of the WWF8. The Citizen's Forum is a process that aims to encourage creative and effective participation of civil society, organized or otherwise (NGOs, local communities, farmers, business people and indigenous movements, gender and youth...). Thus, it is a way of involving citizens, who generally cannot be informed about water issues, in the discussions. For more information for the click here: citizens-forum-commission.

Activity description within SWWW

1. Setting up the activities with time frame for the citizen Process.

2. Joining the showcase of the WWF8. The co-organizers of the 8th World Water Forum presented the outcomes of the 2nd Stakeholder Consultation Meeting. The Forum’s preparatory processes were reviewed, with particular attention on how all stakeholders could contribute and engage. The event concluded following an open question-and-answer session.

3. Coordinating with the different processes, including the thematic process, the regional process and the sustainability focus group.

4. Networking and coordination with other international events such as Asia International Water Week (AIWW), Korea International Water Week (KIWW), Arab Water Week and Africa Water Week.
The discussion and coordination of the activities within the forum raised awareness and spread enthusiasm for the event.
GIWEH was very pleased about the outcomes of the Stockholm World Water Week and eager to build upon the connections and knowledge it gained from its attendance.
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