GIWEH at AIWW- Asia International Water Week

20th-23rd September, 2017, Gyeongju, Rep. of Korea

GIWEH was actively involved at all the different processes of AIWW- Asia International Water Week, from the preparatory phase until the results and recommendations of the event.

AIWW consisted on five main themes and twenty-five sub-themes/sessions, with five Champions.

The themes are:

1. Water and Climate Change. China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR)

2. Drinking Water and Sanitation. (K-Water)

3. Sustainable Water Resources Management. Royal Irrigation Department (RID)

4. Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO)

5. Water for Ecosystems and Waterfronts. Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH)


GIWEH Involvement:

1. Champion of Water for Ecosystem and waterfronts, Theme 5.

2. Member of the task force of AIWW.

3. Sessions leader of 5.5 Session, ``Emerging and Cross-cutting issues at local, regional and national level``.

4. Speakers and moderator at different sessions.

5. VIP Networking

6. Coordination with governments, private sector, Academia and civil society in Asia and other parts of the World.

6. Joined the General Assembly of Asia Water Council (AWC).

7. Joined the Steering Committee meeting as a board of Governance member (BOG).


The AIWW is a triennial water gathering, organized by Asia Water Council, which aims to discuss regional water problems and try to solve them by proposing effective action plans.

The main theme of the AIWW was the Asia Water Issues. The program was dedicated to introduce different solutions by learning from good practices.

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