La Rencontre Genève - Dialogue Evening on the state of Refugees in Europe

GIWEH hosted a dialogue evening within La Rencontre Genève on 3rd October at the Institute of Peace and Justice, in Geneva, Switzerland, on the state of refugees within their communities and in Europe. The meeting hosted almost 40-50 persons.

La Rencontre Genève is a private NGO, which receives neither subsides nor aid from public funds. It is a platform for Dialogue, which invites persons of influence from different cultural, economic, legal, medical, political, scientific and academic backgrounds.

The main speakers of this evening were:

  • Mme Lisa Mazzone – Member of the National Council, Green Party
  • M. Juan Carlos Torres - CEO Vacheron-Constantin

“We live a humanitarian crisis which transformed the Mediterranean Sea in a cemetery.” Liza Mazonne

Ms Mazonne was elected in the Great Council in 2013, a few months before she took the Green Geneva Party presidency. In October 2015 she was elected in the National Council and became the youngest member of the Parliament which offers her the opportunity to pronounce the open speech of legislature. She is actually the vice-president of the Green party in Switzerland and she is engaged in many associations such as ATE, CIVIVA and NOMES.

 “Immigration and watch making: a bargain?” Juan Carlos Torress

Mr. Juan Carlos Torress moved in Geneva in 1960. He works in the private sector as the CEO of the famous Swiss watch industry, Vacheron Constentin. In 1st April 2017 he become the nonexecutive President and he devotes himself to the institutional relations and to the partnerships with the schools and the universities.

The meeting discussed the status of refugees in Europe and how it must integrate them in a better way with the principles of dignity and equity. The presentations were followed by an open discussion be the participants.

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