Cooperation between GIWEH and International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF)

GIWEH and IEPF International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF), based in Baku, Azerbidjan signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which is based on 4 pillars:

  • Joint efforts and participation at International events.
  • Held conferences, workshops and activities with common interests together, and
  • Develop research programs and youth leadership especially in the Middle East, Caucasian region and central Asia and give the refugees and most vulnerable regions the priority at their programs.
  • Hydrodiplomacy as a tool for peace making and cooperation in areas of dispute or conflict.

Umud Mirzayev, President of the (IEPF), Dr. Nidal Salim and professional representants from both sides discussed the issues related to the expansion of mutual cooperation, joint support of initiatives in the field of peace, sustainable development in the Middle East, South Caucasus and Central Asia with more focus on the refugees, hydro diplomacy, peacemaking, and the development agenda at vulnerable areas.

This meeting was held within the framework of Geneva Peace Week at the UN Office in Geneva (UNOG), as a parallel side event.

The IEPF’s President noted that as a result of the Karabakh conflict, numbers of water basins have been occupied and rivers have been polluted. Inappropriate using of these basins and rivers is against the rules of the international law.  Dr. Salim noted that he was acquainted with the consequences of the conflicts in the Caucasus and praised the cooperative activity to prevent negative impacts on water basins.

Dr. Salim expressed the interest of GIWEH as a member of the citizen Forum of the World Water Forum 8, to invite IEPF at the Conference which
 will be held in Brasil from 18-23 March 2018. GIWEH aims to coordinate a session related to Refugees and Human rights or transboundary water resources management. The event, being amongst the biggest water events in the World, might receive more than 40 million participants with the presence of all UN agencies and other stakeholders. Dr. Salim also stressed the importance of the IEPF presentation about its humanitarian activity to be demonstrated within the framework of the event. Dr. Salim talked about the importance of mutual cooperation related to the water problems in the Caucasian region and neighbouring areas as a tool to enhance peace and inclusive growth in the region.

IEPF’s President, Umud Mirzayev, stated that he believes in the successful outcomes of the cooperation with GIWEH. Such cooperation will have positive impacts on the national agenda regarding peace, environment and sustainable development.

Both parts then signed the MoU at the UN Office in Geneva to investigate and deliver worldwide water protection issues and access to water resources for everyone. The MoU states that IEPF and GIWEH will explore the issues like the threats to the water in the Caucasus, Central Asia, the MENA region, post-soviet space and foster the cooperation to enhance peace and extend good practices to other territories where it is required.

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