GIWEH hosted the Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) Steering Board

On 4th October 2017, GIWEH hosted the 12 steering Board at GIWEH’s office.

The meeting included updates on planned initiatives, including an update on preparations to the World Water Forum 2018 and different events the Swiss Water Partnership - SWP organizes in Switzerland.

Dr. Nidal Salim gave some additional information about the Citizen process for WWF 2018, i.e. that it will strongly be linked to the thematic process and the sustainability one. Dr. Salim and Tobias Schmitz presented GIWEH’s activities and explained that:

  • As a Board of Governor member of AWC- Asia Water Council, GIWEH continues to act as advisory and Task Force member of Asia International Water Week (AIWW). They brief the result of the First Asian International Water Week and Korea International Water Week (KIWW) which took place in Gyeongju, South Korea from 20-23 September; GIWEH was the Champion of Water for Ecosystem and waterfronts
  • GIWEH was nominated by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Kenya as a member of the SDG 6 National Committee.
  • GIWEH laucnhed initiatives for SDG 6 monitoring program and the integration within SWP and UN Water.
  • GIWEH would be interested to share experiences with SWP and SDC on topics such as capacity building and women empowerment.
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