GIWEH Partnership 2017

GIWEH strategic plan 2020 focused on building partnerships aligned with Goal 17 “Partnership for the Goals” of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. These partnerships are inclusive, built upon shared visions on guidelines, means and ways of implementations of environemental and water-related projects. 

In 2017, GIWEH signed a three Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with:

1.       Al Fayoum University - Egypt

2.       IEPF; International Eurasia Press Fund, Baku - Azerbaijan

3.       SSF -  Soutien Sans Frontières, Somalia

The last agreement was signed at GIWEH office on 16 October between SSF presented by President Mr. Ali Ahmad Sugulle and GIWEH presented by Director General Dr. Nidal Salim.

The MoU establishes a platform between SSF and GIWEH for the improvement of water, sanitation and agriculture environment in Somaliland.

SSF and GIWEH agree that improvement of domestic and agricultural water use is a key to sustainable development in Somalia.

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