GIWEH-Graduate Institute Meeting
On Thursday 8 February 2018, GIWEH received a group of the Environment professional of the DPP 2017-2018 Graduate Institute’s Development Policies and Practice Master Programme, from South-East, central Asia and Africa to know more about GIWEH and discuss the SDG and Environment Governance.

The Participants and the academic coordinator of the DPP specific program, Dr. Nguyen Huong Thuy Phan, were received by the GIWEH team (Dr. Nidal Salim, Ms. Olivia Braud and Ms. Sara Cabral) who introduced the Institute, its mandate and vision, and its role in fostering cooperation to achieve water sustainability and security.

Participants asked several questions regarding the different projects currently undertaken by GIWEH, their implementation and expected outcomes. Dr. Salim focused on the advantage of being a small-in-size independent organization, with an important international network. He also explained how funding can become a crucial challenge during the whole process of projects’ development.

Dr. Salim highlighted the importance of diplomacy, cooperation and positive thinking that should lead all stages of the negotiation process.

Questions also focused on gender issues and how to effectively involve women in development processes. Dr. Salim emphasized the importance of the role to be played by women in current and future environment challenges.

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