GIWEH's intervention on Human Rights and Development in the Arab Region at the UN 37th Human Rights Councils

On Wednesday 28th February, GIWEH hosted a conference on “Human Rights and Development in the Arab Region” at UNOG. During that conference, which was moderated by Ms. Cabral from GIWEH, Dr. Nidal Salim emphasized the fact that the “Arab Spring” events have been strongly linked to Human Rights issues, including food and water security, women empowerment and children rights to education. Dr. Salim highlighted the importance of the Development agenda in the Region,and the urging need to promote good practices regarding Water and Environment. 

During the Conference, Mr. Jamaa from Soutien Sans Frontières, presented warning numbers about the human rights crisis linked to water scarcity in Somalia. Mr. Oleszkiewicz from GIWEH also mentioned education as one of the main parameters in the Human Rights crisis. Finally Ms. Braud from GIWEH emphasized the importance for the Arab region to promote a unique development model, based on its own environmental agenda.

GIWEH concluded by stating that the Arab region should focus on combating poverty, in order to address effectively the Human Rights issue.

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