World Water Forum 8 - Sharing Water

Yesterday started the world’s biggest water-related event, the 8th World Water Forum, taking place for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere in Brasilia, Brazil.


Organized by the World Water Council, the event aims to, inter alia, promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all level.


Once again, GIWEH is taking a proactive role by focusing specially on the role of civil society on the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG) and by participating to the different thematic sessions.


According to Dr. Nidal Salim, general director of GIWEH, the 8th WWF offers a unique chance to address the issue of water sustainability. The Citizen Forum held during the event, will create a dialogue between different actors and citizens such as experts, refugees and displaced people and will give them the opportunity to discuss action plans, projects implementations and strategies, to best reach the objective 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.


GIWEH encourages the CSOs and NGOs of all over the world to bring their voices and messages to the Forum. #sharingwater

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