GIWEH at the Kick-Off Meeting of the 2nd Asia International Water Week, Singapore

Last week the Singapore International Water Week from the 9th to the 13th of July 2018 marked the kick-off of the second Asia International Water Week Process.

Organized by the Asia Water Council, the board of which GIWEH is a member and the vice-chair of the "knowledge-base and dissemination" Special Committee, the process aims to provide a platform for water cooperation and discussion, and to provide real solutions for water problems. Following the success of the 1st Asia International Water Week in Korea in September 2017, which firmly set Asia’s water issues at the top of global agendas as evidenced at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia, the 2nd Water Week aims to consolidate this success, catalyze further regional and international cooperation, and promote the link between the AIWW and other international activities. The event provided space for the discussion of concrete solutions to water issues in Asia, most notably through technical methodologies and strategies such as Smart Water Management technology, and to bring together a wide spectrum of water stakeholders from governments, the public sector, the private sector, and civil society.

GIWEH was proud to champion the theme “Knowledge Base and Dissemination” at the week-long event alongside AWC Indonesia, reflecting GIWEH’s commitment to a holistic approach to water management. Other central themes were: “Strategy and Policy”, championed by IAHE and AWP, “IWRM/SWM”, presented by MPWH and K-Water, “Water and Climate Change” (PJT1, IWHR), “Water-Energy-Food Nexus” (PJT2, RID), and “Water for Ecosystem” (IWI, UNESCO).

Represented in the photographs above are: 1. Presentation of the White Paper, 2. Congratulatory remark of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Korea, Ms. Eunkyung Kim, 3. Presentation on "Knowledge Base and Dissemination" by Dr. Nidal Salim, Director General of GIWEH, 4. Opening remark of Dr. Hak-soo Lee, President of AWC and CEO of K-Water, 5. Distribution of the 1st AIWW White Paper

GIWEH looks forward to further fruitful cooperation at the 2nd Asia International Water Week in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 3-7 October 2020.

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