GIWEH at World Water Council WWC

GIWEH at World Water Council WWC

29-11- 2018 to 01-12-2018

Marseille, France


GIWEH presented by Director General Dr. Nidal SALIM, Dr. Dietrich Bartelt- Advisory Board member and Dr. Dr. Morgane Anziani-Vente, Project Officer GIWEH, had the pleasure to join the Board of Governance meeting of the World Water Council and the 8thGeneral Assembly which aimed to influence the strategic orientation of the WWC by voting on policies and programs. It was also the occasion for members to elect the representatives of the Board of Governors for a term of three years, approve the triennial budget, and adopt the work program and By-Laws.

GIWEH congratulates the new Elected Board of Governance representing 5 colleges. GIWEH as a Board member of AWC had the pleasure to announce that AWC become a Board member of WWC for the new mandate 2018-2021.

The General Assembly was a great chance to meet our colleagues, partners and friends from all over the World from 6 continents.

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