GIWEH's 5th International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change, Alexandria - Egypt, 6-8 April 2019

GIWEH is proud to announce the success of our 5th International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change.


GIWEH Director General Dr Nidal Salim highlighted the outputs of the conference which could be implimented to attract new innovations and technologies to support the building of Eco-Villages, as well as annoucing a series of meetings, workshops and conference which will be organised or co hosted by GIWEH in Morocco, Tunisia, Vietnam- Indonesia- Kenya and Nepal as a road map for Dakar 2021.


He would also like to thank the conference's many distinguished speakers, and call for long lasting and sustainable networking. Special thanks go to:
- H.E Prof. Mahmoud Abu Zeid- President of Arab Water Council and Former Minister of water resources and Irrigation - Egypt
- Mr. Andullaye Sene- president of the national committee of the 9th World Water Forum Dakar 2021.
- Ms. Yoonjin Kim- Director of planning at Korea water Forum- Korea.
- Dr. Ahmad Hassan- CEO of Mariout Hills Enterprises, A Swiss Egyptian group for sustainable investment and Development. Sponsors of the event
- Dr. Ahmad Al- Gohary, President of Egypt Japan technical University and Dr. Mona Gamaleldin - Dean of the school of Energy, Environment and chemical Engineerinh as a partner.
- Mr. Hussein Abaza- Senior Advisor to Minister of Environment and Minister of Sustainable Development.
- Dr. Mona Fouad Ibrahim, GIWEH coordinator for the conference.
- Mrs. Doaa Adel Alshafeay, GIWEH Public Relation Manager and main representative of GIWEH in Egypt.


And thank you to all the government represantatives, researchers, participants for their active and fruitfull participation. 

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