GIWEH-BALKAN (North Macedonia)


Dr.Nidal Salim (DG- GIWEH) and Dr. Martin Brunza visited the Balkan region with focus on North Macedonia to start running GIWEH – Balkan chapter, the main focus of the visit is to launch youth and technology hub and the cross cutting issues within the 2030 SDG with more focus on inclusive growth, peace and justice, innovation and technology and high quality education.They met many stakeholders and institutions including government, private sector, academia, civil society and fund raising agencies. The meetings include:

  • International Association for Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Health and Environment – Universi, (Prof.Dr. SheqibeBeadini and Prof.Dr. NexhbedinBeadini)
  • Rector of University of Tetovo (Prof. Dr. VullnetAmeti, Rector)
  • Institute of Ecology and Technology, Dr. Vladimir Krpac, Prof. Stephen E. Hardy, Prof.Dr. Hamit Mehmeti)
  • World Bank in Republic of North Macedonia(Mr. QenanSeadini)
  • State Secretary - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy(NefrusÇeliku, State secretary)
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Private sector cooperation(Prof.Dr. SadiBexheti)



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