GIWEH at Central Asia and Caucasus Area

Kyrgystan:  GIWEH at The Graduate Institute Geneva - Executive Education- DPP

Dr. SALIM, Director General of GIWEH teach and supervise jointly participants selected for the DPP Central Asia and Caucasus PROGRAM held in Bishkek summer 2019 in cooperation between,The Graduate Institute, the  American University of Central Asia(AUCA) and the Central Asian Studies Institute. The participants interacted into open dialogue with professors coming from Geneva and the Central Asia and Caucasus region and exchanged experience and thoughts in a dynamic environment of open and co-working spaces offered by the peculiar architecture of AUCA. 

GIWEH conducted two modules and a field trip at the DPP Central Asia and Caucasus PROGRAM:

- Water: Setting the context

Water Multidisciplinary Prospective

- Field trip

Among participants to this module were senior professionals from International Organisations (such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), UNICEF, GIZ, Ministries and International NGOs.


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