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As a yearly activity, GIWEH held two side events within the 42 ndand 41 stHuman rights Council. The two events titles as:

- Rights and development in the Middle East.

- Rights and development in Africa.

Human Rights in Africa: highlighted the reality that Africa is a rich continent, but its wealth is stolen, given an example of the sub-Saharan Africa which is a net creditor to the rest of the world to the tune of more than $41bn.

Money going in: around $161bna year in the form of loans, remittances (those working outside Africa and sending money back home), and aid.But there's also $203bn leaving the continent.$68bn in mainly dodged taxes.

  • Rights and development in the Middle EastHighlighted the effectiveness of fund in the Middle East, most of the fundraising agencies are doing a political game more than support development agenda. These policies increase the non-secure world and increase the migration rate.



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