GIWEH Participation in Korea International Water Week (KIWW) - Water Leader's Round Table

Minister Wha-Jin HAN, Ministry of Environment - Republic of Korea opened the Water Leader Roundtable Discussion at Korea Water Forum and introduced Dr. Nidal SALIM - Director General of the Global Institute for Water Environment and Health ( GIWEH ) as a moderator for the session. The water leadery roundtable discussion include few ministers of water, fund raising agencies including World Bank and Koica, international organizations, World Water Council, Global water partnership, Ambassadors, Private sector, NGOs, local authorities and other stakeholders.


The KIWW Water Leaders’ Round Table (WLRT), the signature gathering of the high-level participants of KIWW, has been planned to build a consensus on actions amongst global high-level representatives on Water management for sustainable development and better implementation of water solutions. The distinguished high-level participants of the WLRT shared their insights and experiences on the theme of KIWW2022, ‘Fostering Water Environment Resilient to Climate Crisis’ under the overarching theme of KIWW2019-2022, ‘Sustainable Water Management for Human and Nature’


Co-Hosts : Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea, Daegu city, K-water, K-eco.


Objectives :

  • To share the best practices and experiences of global high-levels from different countries and representative organizations contributing to implementation for the ‘Fostering Water Environment Resilient to Climate Crisis’ & ‘Sustainable Water Management for Human and Nature’
  • To adopt the ‘Leaders’ Action Declaration 2012’, ensuring follow up actions of the discussed and shared ideas
  • To set the tangible action plans for the policy implementation and practice promotion based on the Action Declaration so that it could be delivered with followed up contents to the next gathering and significant global water movements and initiatives on water. 
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