GIWEH in the Korean International Water Week - World Water Challenge 2022

World Water Challenge is an international contest for water solutions. As a follow up activity of the 7th World Water Forum in 2015, it has been annually held in conjunction with the Korea International Water Week (KIWW), aiming to identify imminent water problems that world is facing and to find feasible solutions to them.

World Water Challenge 2022 hold as one of the signature programs of KIWW 2022 - it was held in November 24 2022 in Daegu Korea. The objective of this edition is to share not only innovative scientific/technological method but also policy towards solving the defined water challenges around the world and to forge a broad network among the experts and stakeholders in water sector as well as the diverse pool of solution providers. Particularly, amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation around the world, WWCH 2022 will continue to deal with the special topic “Water and Health” selected last year along with five Main Topics to demonstrate a pathway to not only overcoming the current pandemic but also achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health invites the talents inventors and people with technical solutions to participate in this interested international competition. Dr. Nidal Salim - General Director of the GIWEH - participates annually as a jury member in this international competition.




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