Partnership at the 3rd International Conference on Water

We are glad to announce that the Global Institute for Water, Environment, and Health (GIWEH) has become a Partner of the 3rd International Conference on Water (IC.Water 2013) to be held in Algeria 18-20 November 2013. Moreover, Dr. Nidal Salim, the GIWEH Director, received the honor to be a member of the IC.Water 2013 Scientific Committee.

The IC.Water 2013 will group participants from countries of North Africa and North Mediterranean to discuss issues of water and their impacts on sustainable development of the region. This conference is a new opportunity to dialogue and share different experiences and research results in science as well as in management.

One of the main objectives of this meeting is to initiate regional and Mediterranean cooperation initiatives. Reconciliation between the rarity, quality and sustainability of water resources is a permanent objective to achieve. Technical and managerial performances of managing water, good management and good governance of water resources are the key to development of any country. Water desalination, treatment and valorization of wastewater, delegated management, are proving to be a necessity. The quantitative and qualitative assessments of water resources seem inconceivable today without the use of performance indicators.

We are pleased to invite interested researches to participate in this efficient event and contribute to its success. For more information, please, download the IC.Water 2013  brochure or contact the organizers via

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