GIWEH becomes a Board Member of Asia Water Council (AWC)

The Global Institute for Water Environment and Health (GIWEH) is proud to announce that it is now a Board Member of the Asia Water Council (AWC) !!

During the 1st General Assembly, held in Bali, Indonesia on March 26th 2016, the Global Water Partnership Asia and GIWEH received a close number of votes to become a board member. President Dr. Choi recommended GIWEH to take the seat, considering GIWEH's great contribution to the AWC and its Special Committee activities.

The 2nd Board of Council meeting for AWC was held in Singapore on July 13th 2016. According to the "Decision Board of Council 1.8'' of the first Board of Council meeting, GIWEH was again recommended to become a Board Member and this time it was approved.

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