Come network with GIWEH at the Stockholm World Water Week!

GIWEH will be at the Stockholm World Water Week from August 28th - September 2nd, 2016. There, GIWEH will be represented by Dr. Nidal Salim (Director General), Dr. Dietrich Bartlet (Advisory Board Member), Mbakuru Vyakweli (Advisory Board Member), Moez Allaoui (Senior Expert on Water Governance), Dr. Tobias Schmitz (Senior Advisor on Water Resources Management and Monitoring), Marguerite Lanςon (Program Manager), Jeanne Cottenceau (Water Solutions & Technologies Researcher), and Nynke Schnaap (Water Governance Researcher).

Please come meet with us—we would love to network and discuss with you throughout the week. GIWEH will be:
• at the Swiss Booth all week (in the Exhibition Hall, Stand 6)
• participating in Asia Water Council events
• a panel member at the seminar, “Drivers for Achieving the SDGs: Financing and Innovation” presenting “Water Management Direction Towards the Sustainable Development Goals” (Sunday, 16:00-17:30, in Pillar Hall, Perlarsalen)

The panel seminar, organized by K-Water with the help of OECD, will focus on financing and innovative solutions within the Sustainable Development Agenda. In order to advance the agenda, stakeholders must identify solutions for sustainable financing, improved efficiency, and climate change adaptation. Dr. Nidal Salim will present “Water Management Direction Towards the Sustainable Development Goals” for GIWEH, highlighting the links between water management and the Sustainable Development Agenda. Additionally, the presentation will highlight good water management practices as developed through GIWEH’s Flagship Project, “Support the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.” Please come and participate in this exciting event!

At the Stockholm World Water Week, GIWEH aims to increase its network and build partnerships, keep up with cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and track the focus of the global agenda. We look forward to sharing our projects and ideas with you!

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