GIWEH at Stockholm World Water Week 2016

GIWEH was very busy during this year’s Stockholm World Water Week, held from August 28th to September 2nd, 2016, where it was represented by eight GIWEH staff members. GIWEH used the opportunity of its place in the Swiss Booth to strengthen existing connections and to expand its network. Throughout the week, GIWEH networked with a wide range of organizations to further progress on existing projects and identify potential collaborations for future projects.

Specifically, GIWEH met with representatives from the World Water Council to discuss the upcoming World Water Forum 8 (WWF 8), which will be held in 2018. GIWEH is a member of the Citizen’s Process International Committee, diligently working to plan the Citizen’s Process within the WWF 8. These discussions advanced planning of the activities within the forum, raised awareness and spread enthusiasm for the event.

GIWEH advanced its work on its projects, “Kenya: Water and Sanitation” and “Tunisia: Water for Rural Development” by collaborating with fundraising agencies during the week. These projects will continue to develop throughout 2016 and beyond.

Stockholm World Water Week also facilitated discussion around Korea International Water Week (KIWW): an international event that will be held from October 19th to 22nd, 2016, in Daegu, Korea. GIWEH was approached by members of the organizing committee and asked to help organize sessions within KIWW, which starting in 2016, will be held every year. Acting as a follow-up to the World Water Forum, the KIWW aims to connect organizations and facilitate partnerships to further progress on water issues.

GIWEH is very pleased about the outcomes of the Stockholm World Water Week and eager to build upon the connections and knowledge it gained from its attendance.

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