GIWEH participated in the Swiss Water Partnership Post 2015 Advocacy Meeting

On 24 January 2014 in Bern, Switzerland, Swiss Water Partnership organized a meeting on Post 2015 Advocacy. During this meeting, the Agenda on Global Sustainable Development in Post 2015 and an updated Swiss position on Water goal have been presented. Switzerland (as well as GIWEH and Swiss Water Partnership) are advocating for a dedicated Water goal with sub-goals and targets in the post 2015 agenda. More  information regarding Swiss position on post 2015 agenda at and specifically on water in the Swiss Position Paper on Water in the Post-2015 Agenda. GIWEH fully supports the Swiss approach.

In the second part of the meeting, the members of the Swiss Water Partnership did a mapping of advocacy opportunities and planned advocacy actions. GIWEH committed to promoting Swiss position on water in the countries of its work, as well as in all international forums that it participates.

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