Dr. Nidal Salim was invited as a Water Leader at Korea International Water Week

During Korea International Water Week (KIWW), the Water Leaders Roundtables was organized on October 19th. Dr. Nidal Salim was invited to participate in this session along with other high-level participants from government agencies and global water representative organisations.
The objectives of this roundtable were:

  • To share good practices and experiences of global high-levels from different countries and representative organizations contributing to the implementation of a  ‘Water Partnership for Sustainable Development’.
  • To adopt an “Action Commitment” to ensure follow-up actions of the ideas discussed and shared.
  • To set up a tangible action plan for the next KIWW 2017 based on the Action Commitment so that it could be delivered with the followed up contents in the World Water Forum and other global water movements and initiatives.

During the roundtable all participants shared their insights on good practices, challenges, crisis and opportunities for water solutions at the governance, scientific and technical level in their countries. Dr. Nidal Salim made a strong statement on how solutions should target vulnerable populations and focus on affordability. He called to push for knowledge dissemination and technology transfer at the local and regional level in developing countries and for taking action and implementing solid projects on the ground. In the end, Dr. Salim suggested a committee for leadership that should focus on three points:
1) Awareness and capacity building;
2) Technology transfer;
3) Involve all stakeholders.

His contribution to the discussion received positive feedbacks from other participants and observers who called for follow-ups and more actions to work together.

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