Wrap-up of the Thematic Sessions at KIWW

On the last day of Korea International Water Week (KIWW), Friday, October 21st 2016, closing ceremony of the thematic sessions was held.
Participants of KIWW’s thematic sessions were invited to give a summary and conclusion of each Special Committee’s session. Dr. Nidal Salim highlighted the outcomes of the Knowledge Base and Dissemination’s (KB&D) Special Committee’s session: “Water Information Beyond Data And Knowledge: Asia Dynamic Hub For Water, The Power Of Information”. Participants of this thematic session arrived at the solid conclusion that it was time to take action. Last November (2015), the KB&D Special Committee formulated a Priority for Implementation (PFI) from which water projects were developed. We hope that next year for Korea International Water Week 2017 we will be presenting data and Asia Dynamic Hub. Dr. Salim called for coordination between all the Special Committees to develop knowledge base and cooperation mechanisms. Most importantly, we need to mobilize fund to move forward with our action plan. Our team has the ability and resources to start, but funding is still in need.

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