Meeting with the President of Korea Water Forum at KIWW

During Korea International Water Week (KIWW), the president of Korea Water Forum (KWF), Dr. Jung-moo Lee invited Dr. Nidal Salim, the Director General of GIWEH and Ms. Marguerite Lançon to discuss possibility for cooperation between Korea Water Forum and the Global Institute of Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH).
Dr. Lee thanked Dr. Salim for his active participation and contribution to the organization of the first edition of KIWW. It was considered that Dr. Salim could personally contribute to ensuring the success of KIWW’s next edition in 2017 and act as an advisor in designing the programme and topics as well as helping bring valuable guests and high-level actors in the water sector from across the world to the event.
Besides KIWW, the president of KWF suggested that Dr. Salim could bring a valuable contribution in designing other activities organized by the Forum (such as public awareness, education and knowledge dissemination).

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