GIWEH at the 2nd World Irrigation Forum in Thailand

GIWEH’s General Director, Dr. Nidal Salim was invited to attend the 2nd World Irrigation Forum  (WIF2) in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 6-12 November 2016.

The WIF aimed to bring together all stakeholders involved in irrigation to address the problem of food security and rural development in the context of climate change and growing population. The themes include irrigation, drainage, flood management, drought, land reclamation, climate and environment disciplines.

The event was a good opportunity for GIWEH to get an insight into the latest innovative irrigation technology that can solve problems and improve water management in the agricultural sector.

At the forum, GIWEH’s General Director took part in numerous activities and panel discussion with Asia Water Council  (AWC) on the vision of water resources and agriculture in Asia.

GIWEH also met with farmers and union of farmers (the Union of Farmers in Soudan and Somalia), with representatives of the youth and with research institutes, such as the Asia Institute of Technology, to discuss possibilties for future cooperation. This stands in line with GIWEH's values of incoporating all civil society groups into its projects in order to achieve a holistic and sustainable development.

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