The 8th World Water Forum International Steering Committee

On the 24 November 2016 the 8th World Water Forum International Steering Committee (ISC) and its Commissions held a series of meetings at the World Water Council headquarters in Marseille to continue the preparatory process of the Forum. Given that GIWEH Director General Dr. Nidal Salim is a member of the citizen committee of the ISC, he was able to contribute with his ideas to the meetings.

On 22 and 23 November, the 5 Commissions of the 8th Forum met to further develop preparations towards Brasilia in 2018. The Commissions focused on strengthening linkages and coordination among the various Forum processes in order to optimize coherence in the overall program of the 8th World Water Forum.

Prior to the meetings, the Thematic Commission issued an open call for expressions of interest to all stakeholders interested in involvement with the Thematic Process as Theme or Topic Coordinators. The applications received were reviewed by the Thematic Commission during its meeting in Marseille and a preliminary shortlist of candidates was submitted to the ISC.

On 24 November, the ISC convened its third meeting during which key discussions were held regarding the Forum’s roadmap and budget, the documents presented by the various Commissions of the Forum, as well as the final thematic framework.

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