Korea International Water Week 2016

Korea International Water Week 2016 (KIWW 2016) will be held from October 19-22nd in Daegu, Korea on the theme: “Water Partnership for Sustainable Development”.

KIWW is prepared and hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea, Ministry of Environment, Daegu Metropolitan City, and Gyeongsangbukdo Province that were the host cities of the 7th World Water Forum in 2015.

Hosted one year after the 7th World Water Forum, the event will serve as an opportunity in continuing and developing the achievements of the Forum. The program will include a number of prominent sessions including Water Leaders Round Table, World Water Partnership, the 1st Annual Review Meeting on the IRs, World Water Challenge and Water Business Forum amongst others, highlighting “Implementation” of the water solutions drawn from the 7th World Water Forum.

GIWEH has shown great support to KIWW’s secretariat in preparation for the event and will continue to take an active role during the conference.

More specifically, the Thematic Session of KIWW 2016 (AIWW SCM) which is organized by Asia Water Council (AWC) intends to reflect the status of the Water Projects that are requested from AWC members and to deliberately include the theme of KIWW 2016 ‘Water Partnership for Sustainable Development’ as well as the main theme of the 8th World Water Forum ‘Sharing Water and Sustainability’. The Asian region is vulnerable to various water issues such as flood, drought, water shortage and water supply facilities deterioration. The Thematic Session in KIWW will propose customized water policies and technical solutions to the designated national water issues to address various water-related issues in Asia. Accordingly, the theme ‘Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals’ is established.

GIWEH as the vice-chair of the Special Committee “Knowledge Base and Dissemination” is taking an active part in the organization of the Thematic Session “Water information beyond data and knowledge: Asia Dynamic Hub for Water, The power of Information” to take place on October 20th from 1pm to 3pm. Indeed, Ms. Marguerite Lançon will present during the session a water project, developed in cooperation between GIWEH and UNESCO-IHP: “Promoting water sciences, knowledge and education for the achievement of water-related SDG targets in Asia”. Dr. Nidal Salim will take part in the panel discussion.

KIWW will also be the opportunity for Asia Water Council to host the 3rd Board of Council (BoC) meeting to be held one day before KIWW on October 18th, 2016. As a recently elected member  of the BoC GIWEH will take part in the meeting to set future priorities and directions for Asia Water Council.

For more information, download the leaflet and the Thematic Session’s programme


Where: Daegu, Republic of Korea

When: 19-22nd October 2016


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