GIWEH at the 4th Arab Water Forum / Arab League, Cairo - Egypt

GIWEH will join the 4th Arab Water Forum which will be in Cairo- Egypt from 26 – 29 November 2017. GIWEH will participate and support actively the sessions of the 4th Arab Water Forum. 

GIWEH as part of its mandate (civil society) reaching out the leading CSO`s/ NGO`s organizations to coordinate their involvement in the Arab Water Forum. The Arab Water Forum will be the third preparatory meeting which GIWEH participates or organizes for the preparation of the Citizen Forum of the 8th World Water Forum, to be held in Brasilia in 2018.
The Citizen Forum regional meetings is to allow the participation of different local and regional stakeholders that will contribute to the build-up of the Citizen Forum who would not have the opportunity to attend the forum nor access to the online consultation. It’s worth emphasizing that while organizing or participating in these meetings, the Citizen Forum commission is aiming to coordinate with the regional process commission in order to complement each other’s efforts and work. –

Consequently, and in preparation of the Citizen Forum at the 8th World Water Forum, GIWEH will participate in two sessions with regional partners. The special sessions will align and integrate directly with the focus sessions of the 8th World Water Forum. The main activities will be organized within the “Special Sessions”, which aim ---to bring experts, civil society, academia and governments to highlight their challenges and share ideas, solutions as well as best practices. The outcome will be to raise awareness on these vulnerable situations, to create a dialogue as well as to offer and share solutions. Second, it is our aim to encourage networking and sharing with different civil society representatives on the most important issues in the Arab Region like water scarcity, water under occupation, water and human rights, agriculture, food security, urban areas, water for peace, transboundary water resources management and SDGs.

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