GIWEH at the 8th World Water Forum, Brasilia - Brazil 18-23 March, 2013

What is the 8th World Water Forum, the Citizen’s Forum
The World Water Forum (WWF) is the world’s largest water-related event, held every three years and organized by the World Water Council. The 8th World Water Forum is set to take place in Brasilia, in Brazil, in 2018.
GIWEH is taking a proactive, dynamic role in the planning and organization for the upcoming Citizen’s Process within the 8th World Water Forum. It has been selected as a member of the Citizen’s Forum Committee to aid in the preparation of the Citizen’s Process. GIWEH is committed to bring the voices of the refugees, displaced and vulnerable people to the world’s biggest water-related event, to share daily life stories, lessons learned and highlight challenges and solutions at the top priority of water policies and strategies.

“Bring the vulnerable, displaced people and refugees’ voice at the 8thWorldWater Forum (WWF) “

GIWEH activities will focus on the role of civil society on the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG) and their active participation at all the thematic sessions. GIWEH will support the CSOs/ NGOs all over the world to bring their voices and messages to the Forum. This could be achieved through the different interactive platforms within the “Hydro Café”, and the official citizen sessions, which aims to bring experts, refugees and displaced people to highlight their challenges and to share ideas, solutions as well as best practices. The outcome will be to raise awareness concerning these vulnerable situations, to create a dialogue and to give the opportunity to share solutions.
The Citizen Forum will also include films, citizen village, exhibitions and fairs. GIWEH is encouraging and supporting all CSOs/ NGOs to come and join the World Water Forum in Brazil.
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